The VIP section is the part of every club that holds a certain mystique, what goes on behind the velvet rope?

This is more relevant in Ibiza than anywhere else in the world, as the clubbing capital, if there’s one VIP section that you want to be in, it’s right here.

The obvious advantages such as jumping the queue and being shown to your table by the guy or girl at the front door with the clipboard are only the tip of the iceberg.

Having your own table with your own bottles cuts out the hassle of waiting to get served at the bar, gives you the perfect base from which to enjoy your clubbing adventure, not to mention the ability to mix with the other VIP’s, you never know who you’re going to bum into behind the velvet rope in Ibiza.

And the best news is that in many occasions you might actually spend less money than you would in amongst the throngs of normal clubbers. You’re in the clubbing capital of the world, doesn’t it make sense to get the best out of your experience and go VIP?(*essentialibiza)

Let us know for which location you need a reservation…..