Enjoy the option of gourmet dining tailored for your group by your private chef and served by a dedicated villa manager. With the flexibility in the service options we now offer, you can do as little or as much as you like, whether you go out exploring in the day and eat at a local taverna or simply lie by the pool sipping an ice-cool drink letting your private chef prepare your meals for you.


With the choice of one, two or three staffed meals per day, you can expect to receive first class dining whichever you opt for.

You can choose to start the day with a sumptuous daily breakfast hamper and then a choice of either one or two staffed meals each day, leaving you with more flexibility to eat out for lunch or dinner.

Or there is the full-service option of three staffed meals each day so you can completely sit back and relax from start to finish, enjoying breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. Your villa manager and chef are available 5.5 days per week, on their night off they will recommend and book a great local restaurant or prepare marinated meats for a BBQ at the villa.

We only employ resourceful, creative, talented professionals, each of whom is passionate and enthusiastic about Mediterranean cuisine and the local produce available. They’ll talk to you at the beginning of the week and tailor their menu to suit everyone in the group.